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Lines That Arouse Women

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Lines That Arouse Women​

I once saw a video of myself where I was so drunk that I couldn’t even physically open my eyes.

But I could open my mouth.

And for that reason alone I found myself waking up next to a very beautiful and very naked woman.

And that’s just the thing when you train yourself with a few key lines said at just the right time…. your success skyrockets!
That’s why I created 99 Lines… no fluff….just the most potent and effective lines that I use ALL the time.
The lines that have got me laid more times than I can count.
A bunch of you guys has been writing in telling me how much you are loving 99 Lines and how they are already turning you dating and sex lives around in BIG ways.
Some of you are cleaning up on Tryst Dating, some guys are crushing it out at the bar and some are using them to get Ex’s back through Texts.
I am so proud of you guys!
So I decided to extend it for one last day at the highly reduced price of $9.  
I want to get this lethal weapon into as many Attraction Guy’s hands as possible.
I can’t wait to hear all your stories of how these 99 lines worked magic on the women in your life.
your wordsmith,

take a chance !